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Debi Pettigrew

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“Artistic talent is not in the hand that guides the brush, but in the ability to see things in a new way.”

Debi Pettigrew

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Art Discovery for Seniors

I very much enjoy working with seniors and older adults. Seniors benefit from art activities in many ways. They look forward to the socialization and getting in touch with their inner artist. I teach at many area facilities. Call 321-749-1153 or Email me for more information.

The Artist

Debi Pettigrew is a passionate artist, pastel painter and teacher. Inspired by a lifelong love for nature, she expresses her interpretations in abstract and representational styles depending on the subject matter and her stylistic preference at the time.

She has won several awards and displays her work in many businesses throughout  Brevard County, Florida. She is available to teach group classes and private instruction. She also accepts commissions for human and pet portraits.

Debi is an experienced art instructor and has learned that there is an artist in everyone. She is available to teach private lessons in her home or yours. Contact Debi to schedule your class.

Debi Pettigrew earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Fine Arts & Design at the University of Central Oklahoma, and worked as a graphic artist and advertising agency art director in her early professional career. She teaches at Hobby Lobby, private homes and several assisted living and memory Care facilities throughout central Florida.

The Artist Discovery Coach

Debi Pettigrew helps people discover their personal forms of creative expression in the visual arts. Many of us are so busy doing things just to keep up in our complex world, that we don’t take the time to explore and express our natural ability to create.

Teaching art has taught Debi that there is an artist in everyone. You may not know it because drawing or painting hasn’t come naturally to you or you’ve never really tried, or no one encouraged you enough to help awaken your artist within.

Unleashing your creative potential has many benefits, relaxation and stress reduction, the excitement and joy of creating something uniquely yours, developing new skills, and learning to see things differently.

Are you ready to find your inner artist? Contact Debi

Meet Debi… Pastel Painter and Artist Discovery Coach

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